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Our company was founded on the idea of helping those in need. Ever since Michael Morris Knives was established, we have endeavored to provide the best product possible. Our goal is to give you that feeling you got when opening a gift on Christmas as a little kid. Here’s what to expect. You order, we make and ship, you receive and the excitement begins. You’ll have to cut the tape open with some other inferior sharp object (unless you’re a returning customer). Inside the Box: beyond the newspaper and bubble wrap, your knife is hand wrapped in the very finest paper towels $20 for 200 money can buy. And then… Your Knife! Please be sitting down or have an Oxygen tank near buy, because studies show you may become short of breath. You can use the paper towel to wipe the tears of joy that are now trickling down you cheeks. Now go show it off to your friends and watch as they begin to drool over your new tool. Be aware they may be overcome with jealousy and try to take it from you, rest assured; we add a business card or two for this very reason. Give it to them and tell them to get their own. One final thing you’ll find neatly tucked away in every box is our warranty. Now go adventure, you’ve earned it.   

Behind The Blade:

Hello, I'm Michael, of 'MichaelMorrisKnives' here in Yale, Michigan. Welcome to my Website. All knives in the Current Models page are for sale, with a normal finish time of 150+/- days if I don't already have one you like in stock. The Gallery is full of knives I've made over the years and I still like to show them off a bit.

Hey, I'm Kevin, of 'MichaelMorrisKnives'. I served in the Navy for 12 years and now make knives full time and learn from the best custom knife maker himself, Michael Morris (My Dad). Feel free to take a look and contact me if you have questions.

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You can reach us at:

Michael Morris

(810) 887-7817


Kevin Morris

(661) 337-0554



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