Friction Folders

History tells us the ancient Romans were the first ones to make a folding knife, it was a 'Friction' style. Here's my version... Made from an American made file re-tempered down to around 58rc., cutting edge is from 1 3/4" to 2 1/4" (actual tip to handle is about 1/4" longer than cutting edge). NickelSilver pins, Black Micarta tailspacer, Nylatron pivotwashers.  Handles are all made of Micarta, Colors may vary.

The 'tang' is actually a bottle opener! 

Prices from: 

$120-$220 USD 

Most are in the $150 Range

Fixed Blades

Our "Fixed Blade" knives are avaliable in a variety of different options. The current models include: Classic Hunter 8, EDC60, MAK 10.5, Belter, PeeWee, Watchman and Watchman Jr.

Typically made from an American made files, re-tempered down to around 58rc., Handles on the various models are made of Micarta, Dymondwood, Acrylics, and a few other choice materials...


Black powder and Blades go together like dangerous and risky. So we naturally we got encouraged. They say don't bring a knife to a gun fight... These are ready for any fight.

Futuristically Old-school by design as we make our versions of some seriously cool weapons from history.

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