Blade Warranty:

Your knife is made from a file ((many of which have been rescued from Machine shops around the Detroit area, hobbyists, and our own garage)) Files are one of the best sources of high carbon tool steel you can find which makes them tough, strong, and very wear resistant… but they will rust if not taken care of! After you use it, clean it, wipe it down with a light oil (gun oil or WD40 works great, your knife is shipped with a light coat of WD40) and keep it dry and you should be fine, but if it does rust, a little 000-0000 steel wool will remove most rust (as long as it’s not too bad). Many knife makers will tell you to store the knife outside the sheath (if it has a leather sheath), if it is to be stored for a long period of time as the leather may sometimes hold moisture that will tarnish the carbon steel over time.


If you’re not satisfied with your purchase,

Just return it within 7 days unblemished for a full refund.

(Minus shipping costs)


We stand behind our work 100%. If you ever break your knife, we’ll replace for as long as were able to make knives, as long as it has not been used for “non-cutting” applications. (It’s a knife, not a hatchet, pry bar, screwdriver, or throwing knife)


Each knife sold or shipped will include a detailed page from us. That page is your warranty and will need to be presented at the time of such need. We do this to ensure proof that you are the original purchaser and because there are only two of us. **All knives needing replacement as set forth in our warranty will be put ahead of line as our top priority is your satisfaction with service**

        For Ordering...

You can reach us at:

Michael Morris

(810) 887-7817

Kevin Morris

(661) 337-0554


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