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All knives in the 'SHOP' section can be ordered, with a normal finish time of around 3-5 months. However, we do carry some of the more popular styles in stock. In The Gallery, you'll find that it's full of knives that I've made over the years, I still like to show them off a bit. 

All knives are hand made, one at a time and will be shipped as fast as we can do it safely. (These baby's are sharp and we try to save the band-aids) With our culmination of hand craftsmanship we're sure NASA will asks us for a knife to put on the next space craft sent out to the far reaches of the "outer rim" in search of intelligent life. That knife will be a peace offering and a representation of what fine skill and mastery of metal our humanity is capable of. Knowing that "Morris Knives" may someday be called upon to produce this amazing cutting tool, we make every knife to the highest standards of quality because the next knife we make could be that knife. We'll be ready for that call. In the meantime We'd love to make a knife for you. You can keep it for yourself, maybe someday pass it down to your future generations or give away as a gift. (That's why we started making knives for ourselves). Spend some time on our site, if you like what you see, spend some money on a knife, Whoever is the owner of a Morris Knife will not be disappointed, Guaranteed! 

**Please be careful! Our knives are so sharp, If you cut yourself once, you'll bleed twice**

Thank you for your support.

Feel free to take a minute and look around a bit, we hope you like what you see.

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